Recreational Gymnastics
Our recreational classes are for ages 5 years and older. They are non-competitive, progression-based programs designed in accordance with the standards of USA Gymnastics.
Our program consists of five different recreation levels; Super Kids/Gym Kids, Hot Shots, Firecrackers, Dynamites and Dynamites+.
Your child will learn basic gymnastics skills and terminology on each of the four events which include the vault, bars, balance beam and the floor exercise.
Our trained staff will provide a fun and safe environment for your child to experience daily successes in each class.
Your child will increase strength, coordination, flexibility and build self-confidence with a strong emphasis on proper technique in our program.

Our recreational programs are grouped by ages.
This assures a productive learning environment for all who attend.

5 year olds are in a class together

6-7 year olds are in another class


All ages 8+ are grouped together.

Gym Kids
This 1 hour class (55 minutes of instruction) is designed for the young beginning gymnast. Our focus in this program is to teach the proper drills, skills and conditioning for our beginner level gymnasts.

Students in this class are reaching towards accomplishing specific goals. This is a high energy program that places great emphasis on proper form, techniques, skill progressions and fun.

Hot Shots
Our intermediate program will further build on skills that were mastered in Gym Kids. Gymnasts will progress to intermediate skills that will require added focus, increased strength and flexibility. This program will inspire gymnasts to better themselves at their own pace.
A 1.5 hour class (85 minutes of instruction), gymnasts will have the opportunity to perfect their Hot Shot skills while progressing to advanced gymnastics skills on all apparatus.
This is our most advanced recreational gymnastics class offered. This class is 1.5 hours (85 minutes of instruction) per week and Gymnasts will have the opportunity to challenge their ability in a program where the sky is the limit! Gymnasts will follow proper progressions to safely achieve advanced level skills.

Proper skill execution is strongly emphasized. Our Dynamites program, once completed, will develop the athlete to move to a competitive level if they so desire!

Class Structure
Our recreational classes begin with a fun group warm up which includes lots of cardio to get their heart rate up as well as different stretches to increase flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

You’ll notice one week they may work on the vault and balance beam which means the following week they will work on bars and floor exercise.

Each class alternates events every other week to ensure that every student gets plenty of time to learn and improve on these events.
Each class spends approximately 20 minutes on each of the two events so that they can learn and perfect the skills that they are working to master for their star charts.
We wind down the classes with our “cool down” portion of class. We like to cool down with fun activities to build the students core strength and flexibility.


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