Welcome to Impact Sports Center!

Our goal is to build self-esteem, strength and BIG dreams in a fun, safe and clean environment where your child always comes first. Our fully air-conditioned facility offers Preschool Programs, Recreational Gymnastics, Cirque, Tumbling, Ninja Zone, Homeschool P.E., Camps, Events, and more.

We measure our success by the number of smiles that leave our building each day; not by the number of trophies we have on our wall.

Come join us at Impact Sports Center, we would love to have you!

Why Recreational Fitness?

It's fun and great exercise!

Physical fitness development

Specialized in the area of strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination!

Cognitive skill development

Such as listening and following directions!

Life skills development

Particularly self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, friendship, and sportsmanship!

Accomplishment of goals

Setting goals and working hard to achieve them!

Great developmental activity

Whether the goal is advancement or preparation for another sport, our programs help your kiddo achieve!

Our Programs

For children that are preschool ages and will give students their first look at gymnastics and physical fitness. Gymnastics is a great foundation that helps develop strength, coordination, physical fitness and self-esteem that will help prepare children for all sports.


Our Recreation Gymnastics classes are split into 4 different levels. In the beginning level, our 5yo’s go into a Super Kids class for 45 minutes while our 6-7yo’s and 8+ kiddos go into a Gym Kids class for 55 minutes! These once-a-week classes include a warm-up, two different apparatuses a week (including Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor), and an ending activity! Throughout the class, they will learn the basics of gymnastics such as cartwheels, handstands, pullovers, and rolls. Once they have mastered the required skills at their level, they will receive a move-up certificate to advance to the next level to keep progressing and challenging them all while having a BLAST!


We offer 6 different levels in our Tumbling Program – White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, & Red. They will start with the basics of handstands, cartwheels, rolls, and kickovers. From there, the kiddos will advance through the levels and start working on back and front handsprings, back and front tucks, and connecting tumbling passes!


During our 45-minute classes, you will learn the fundamentals of Silks and Hoops such as climbs, wraps, and inversions all while becoming comfortable being in the air. Also, you will work on your strength and flexibility throughout the class! We have 4 different levels for you to progress through to keep you engaged and flying high!


A great way for your homeschooler to get their PE requirement taken care of! Kiddos will come to our 55-minute once-a-week to learn basic gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja skills all while incorporating exercise and fun! Each week will be something different. Whether it is team building with the class, exercises that are fun and productive, or group games! Classes run from September-May and families can request vouchers if we are with their charter school.
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