We offer 6 different levels in our Tumbling Program – White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, & Red. They will start with the basics of handstands, cartwheels, rolls, and kickovers. From there, the kiddos will advance through the levels and start working on back and front handsprings, back and front tucks, and connecting tumbling passes.

Tumblers will be able to utilize a variety of necessary tools to assist them in learning such as trampoline, incline mats, panels mats, handspring trainers and more.
There are tumbling classes offered for students 6yo and older of all levels from the very basic cartwheel to elite skills such as double-backs and twisting.
Tumbling is great for cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts that just want to improve their floor skills.

Tumbling White

55-Minutes, Ages 6yo+

This is our beginning tumbling class. Tumblers will start with the very basics of forward & backward rolls, see-saws & handstands, and beginning cartwheel progressions.

Tumbling Yellow

55-Minutes, Ages 6yo+, Invite Only

This is our second level of tumbling offered. Tumblers will work on perfecting their handstands & cartwheels as well as moving into round-offs and kickovers.


55-Minutes, Ages 6yo+, Invite Only


Green tumblers have mastered all of the basics and are ready to start the progressions of back handsprings.


85-Minutes, 6yo+, Invite Only.


Blue tumblers come for 85 minutes and work on completing back handsprings without a spot along with learning how to connect them to other tumbling skills.


85-Minutes, Ages 6yo+, Invite Only


Purple tumblers can do round-off/standing back handsprings without a spot and begin working on front & back tuck skills.


85-Minutes, Ages 6yo+, Invite Only


Red tumblers, like our Dynamites+ class, work on individual skills for each student to cater to the goals of the tumbler and keep them progressing.

Freestyle Flipping

55-Minutes, 8yo+, Open to the Public.


Designed for athletes that JUST want to flip in the gym safely! A combination of tumbling, ninjas, and freestyle flipping. This class offers structured learning as well as free time opportunities for athletes to master the skills of their choice.

Clinics & Open Gyms

Maybe you need a specific skill for cheer or just want to work on perfecting a skill.

Maybe you are having trouble getting a skill and just need some specialized training? Our tumbling clinic is a program that accelerates a specific skill. 


Clinics can range from one day clinics to 4-week clinics. 


Check out our What’s Happening Page for more information about Clinics and Open Gyms. Registration in advance is required.


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