Girls Dress Code
Girls should wear either a leotard, or a shirt and shorts, or a shirt and stretchy pants.
Any leggings must be footless.
All long hair must be pulled back, in a ponytail, off the face.
Boys Dress Code
Boys must wear a non-buttoned shirt & shorts or their Ninja Zone uniform.
No zippers, belts or pockets.
Policies for Parents
Please refrain from coaching your child from the viewing area!
Please refrain from Parents are not allowed on the gym floor (other than Parent/ Tot classes.)coaching your child from the viewing area!
Parents are welcome to watch classes from the designated viewing areas.
Please do not leave young children unattended in the viewing area.
Please be ON TIME when picking up your child from class.
Children are NOT PERMITTED to leave the building without an accompanying adult. You must park and come inside to pick up your child.
NO FLASH Photography! The flash could blind a gymnast trying to complete a skill.
Any pictures taken of any of our gymnasts must receive prior permission from management. No exceptions!
General Policies and Rules
No jewelry or watches allowed.
Do not let children climb on chairs, bleachers, or Front Desk counter.
Do not let children enter the back office area.
Please be considerate of others and pick up any mess that has been created by your child.
Students are not allowed on the gym floor unless they are with their coach and are active in a class.

Sick Child Policy

With the colder weather starting, we are seeing more runny noses and hearing more coughs and sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are as the result of a cold or allergies. However, for courtesy towards other families, we ask you to please err on the side of caution and do not bring your kiddo to class if he/she has any one of the below symptoms or conditions:

A fever of 100.0 or higher. Child must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to Impact.
Green, yellow, or brown mucus running from the nose, eyes or mouth. If child has been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours, he/she is allowed to attend class/practice.
Coughing, with or without congestion, uncontrollably.
Diarrhea or a loose stool. Child may not return to Impact unless the child has gone at least 24 hours without diarrhea.
Vomiting or stomach flu. Child may not return to Impact unless the child has gone at least 24 hours without vomiting.
A questionable rash or bumps on the skin. Parent must bring Dr.’s note to explain rash and that it is not contagious.
Lice or eggs on the scalp or hair.
We realize how much work it is to pack the kids in the car and get to the gym for class and we greatly appreciate your commitment to the program.

However, if we do see a child with a lot of mucous or a heavy cough or if they are experiencing any of the above symptoms, we will ask you to take your kiddo home.


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