We’ve been hearing of the many fun places all of our kiddos have gone to this summer!  There is still 3 weeks of summer break to take a road trip to one of the many fun and beautiful destinations right here in Northern California.

How many of you parents cringed when you heard “road trip”?  We’re sure there is just as many kids that do too.  We want to help make your next road trip a memorable one that will have the kids saying, “Let’s do that again”!  These fun car games are sure to be a hit.

1. Hot Seat. Each person takes a turn in the “hot seat” being interviewed by the other passengers. The other passengers can ask any five questions they want of the person in the hot seat, who must answer. The person in the hot seat can refuse to answer one question by using a veto. Once all the questions have been asked, the hot seat transfers to a new passenger.

2. Who Are They? Choose another car on the road and imagine the story of the passengers inside. Who are they? What is their relationship? Are they a group of spies, headed to thwart an international villain? Get creative and share your stories.

3. Odd Colored Car. At the beginning of the trip, each passenger chooses an odd or rare-colored car (yellow, purple, orange, pink, etc.). During the drive, passengers get a point for spotting cars of their chosen color. Alternate idea: passengers can steal points from each other if they spot another passenger’s car color first!

4. License Plate Decoder. Pretend that every license plate is a personalized message and decode it. “HDR 732″ might stand for “Hairdresser Diva Rollerderby, 7 days a week, 32 hours a day.”

5. Fortunately, Unfortunately. One passenger shares a statement beginning with the word, “fortunately.” As in, “Fortunately, I remembered to buy snacks at the gas station.” Another passenger must follow up with a statement beginning with the word, “unfortunately.” As in, “Unfortunately, I left them on the counter when I paid.” You can also switch the game around by starting with unfortunate ideas first.

6. Buzz Word. At the beginning of the trip, determine a word that will be taboo for the entire trip. (Choose something common, like “Mom.”) Give each passenger 10-20 paper clips. If a passenger says the buzz word during the trip, another passenger can buzz them by saying, “Buzz!” and collect a paper clip. Passengers must get careful and creative in their communication in order to win.

7. Tomato. One passenger is “it” and asks other passengers silly questions. The other passengers cannot smile or laugh, and can only respond to the question by answering, “Tomato.” If a passenger laughs or smiles, he or she is out. The last person out is the next person to be “it.”

8. Counting Cows. This game is perfect for drives through rural country. Passengers must count and keep track of cows on their side of the car. If you pass a cemetery, it wipes out the cow count for the passengers on the same side of the car. Passenger with the most cows at the end of the trip wins.

9. “No, it is not a _____.” A game of clues, rhymes, and stumping. One passenger is “it” and must think of a word (the more common and easy to rhyme, the better) and present a clue to the other passengers. If the word was “fly” as in a housefly, he or she might say, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with cry, but it isn’t pie.” The other passengers make guesses by giving clues to the “it” person, without revealing their guess word. “Is it something men wear around their neck?” The “it” person must figure out their clue and respond, “No, it is not a tie.” If a passenger guesses the right word, they win and become the next “it” person. Or, if a passenger stumps the “it” person with their clue, they also win and become the “it” person.

10. Casserole Game. One passenger starts by saying, “I’m making a casserole and I’m going to need artichokes.” Each passenger takes a turn reciting the previous ingredients and then choosing the next one, which must start with the next letter in the alphabet. See if you can get all the way to the letter Z.

11. Speak in Song. Carry on a conversation using only the titles or lyrics from songs. No singing allowed.

12. 50 Nifty. List 1-50 on a piece of paper and see if passengers can come up with all fifty states. If you get all 50, start a new round by listing each state capitol.

13. Presidents Game. List 1-44 on a piece of paper and see if passengers can come up with all 44 American presidents.

14. Listen and Draw. Supply each passenger with a paper and writing utensil. (Except for the driver, of course!) One person is “it” and draws a quick picture on his or her paper. Then, the “it” person must describe their picture to the other passengers, giving detailed instructions, until each of the passengers has completed their drawing. The passenger with the picture that most closely resembles the original, becomes the next “it” person.

15. Would You Rather? Take turns offering various options to other passengers, either wonderful, horrible, painful, embarrassing, or otherwise. Find out who would rather jump in a flaming volcano or sit in a cage of snakes.

We got the games covered for you, now let’s hear what your favorite Road Trip snack is!  Everyone who leaves a comment with their favorite snack will get a special treat from Impact.