What has your family been up to this summer?  Impact Sports Center (ISC) has loved hearing all the fun and exciting places you all have went to in past summers.  Well, this year we want to see your pictures!

Your child should have already received their #ISConthego postcard with instructions on the back (we have plenty in the gym if you still need one). Hold on to this postcard until your child thinks their exciting place is worthy of sharing with (yes, this can include your pool in the backyard, the ballpark or even just the day trip to the beach).  Then snap a shot to capture the moment.

From now until August 28th, post your photo to Instagram or Facebook and then tag #ISConthego so we can join in all your fun.  If you are not on social media, don’t worry, you can enter by emailing us!  The most creative post will win a prize! Winner will be announced on September 1st.

Oh the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see, we just hope you share it with ISC!

The fine print: The ISConthego Postcard must be physically in the picture, no photoshopping it in.  We are not able to see all of the tags of #isconthego do to privacy settings.  By no means do we want you to change your preferences, but do ask that you email your entry to info@impactsportscenter.com so you can participate to!  Please note, which ever way your photo is submitted, you are consenting to the release of its use to Impact Sports Center.  These images will be used for marketing purposes only and will not be given or sold to outside companies or individuals.


Olympic Day – Road to Rio 2016

Olympic Day is held annually on June 23 and is celebrated by millions of people in more than 160 countries. This day commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games dating back to June 23, 1894. Olympic Day’s mission is to promote fitness, well-being, culture and education, while promoting the Olympic values – excellence, friendship and respect – and the three Olympic Day pillars – move, learn and discover – in every corner of the globe.

This year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a contest that could land you and a guest to get a chance at a sneak peek of the Olympic Park ahead of the Rio 2016 Summer Games.  Check out this link for more information Olympic Day Contest Info!

Impact has joined the celebration this year and will have some fun things this week in the gym to get everyone pumped up for the Road to Rio Olympic Games 2016.

You’ll notice as you walk in the fun photo op for your kids to DREAM BIG and imagine they are holding the torch.  If you do get a chance to snap a shot of your kiddo, make sure to tag us at #iscolympicday!

At the back of the gym at our coloring table there is an opportunity for the kids to get creative and design their own torch that will be displayed on the wall.

Did you know that the Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials will be coming through San Jose July 8 & 10, 2016?  Our gym has been given an exclusive opportunity to purchase discounted tickets, see the front desk for more info.

We’re getting ready to root on TEAM USA how ’bout you?20150622_130540

Celebrating Our Dads!

Our latest post is all about our fantastic dads.  We see you out there watching your little one week after week and want to let you know that we have the best dads on the planet!

Here’s the top 5 ways all of us at Impact Sports Center appreciate you dads:

  1. Being the proud daddy that takes the picture of your kid’s first anything, from forward roll in tot town to that back handspring that your child nailed.
  2. Bringing your kiddo to one of our many summer camps…..and then deciding to pick them up at the end of the day 😉
  3. Entertaining Miss Jaime with Giants Baseball talk or razzing her if you’re one of the few Dodger fans in the gym. (Big tip to stay on Miss Jaime’s good side, NEVER tell her the score because she records each game and watches it when she gets home!)
  4. Lighting up Mr. Shane’s face with your suggestions of anything Foodie or Wine.
  5. Just being you!

Here’s a cute video that makes us wonder what were they thinking, but definitely represents how Dad’s come to the rescue. Make sure you leave a comment and tell us how the Dad in your life saves the day!

And the Winner is…..

Close to 300,000 children in need that will receive new shoes thanks to TOMS and all the people who pledged “One Day Without Shoes”!

What a way to kick off the official start of IMPACT GIVES BACK by having everyone going barefoot.  There was no greater feeling for the gym than seeing that first mom and kiddo come in Thursday morning with no shoes and to know we have families that will join us in bringing awareness to our community.  And I know there was no greater feeling for all the kids than to actually have permission to leave their shoes in the car;) THANK YOU!

We had nearly 100 of our great customers come in barefoot and another 35 post to Instagram.  This will become an annual event for the gym and we hope to make even a bigger impact next year!

As a thank you from both TOMS and Impact Sports Center, we held a drawing for those of you who came into the gym barefooted and who tagged #withoutshoes and #impactgivesback.  Winners will have until May 30th to claim their prize by coming to the gym.

The winners are:

Free Chipotle Burrito, Bowl or Salad

Aly Pennino, Ava Sanchez, Cora Bernhardt, Emily Chaddock, Faith.Hope.Freedom (Instagram), Finn Tomek, Gabi Franklin, Julie Lozano, Nolan Taylor, & Sylvia Mahlow.

Free Big Kids Hangout Admission

Rebecca Peters

Free Parents Night Out Admission

Sasha Friemoth

TOMS T-shirt

Aelsa (Instagram), Amanda Chaddock

TOMS Backpack

Lela Bowles

1 Pair of TOMS Shoes

Lola Smart


If you know of outreach events such as this, please let us know by leaving a comment.  While we cannot commit to support all the worthy causes, Impact Gives Back would love to hear of all the great work organizations are doing!

Impact Gives Back #WITHOUTSHOES


Just another day in the office for Mr. Shane…

Impact Sports Center have given back to the Lodi community in countless ways (mostly unseen).   With the goal to inspire our families to effect change, we will be starting our “Impact Gives Back” Outreach.  What better way to kick it off than by just kicking off our shoes?  Impact will be joining the Tom’s Tribe and going “One Day Without Shoes”.  We ask you to do the same!

By pledging to go a day without shoes, we are bringing awareness to what children in poverty have to go through everyday.  Something as simple as wearing shoes is taken for granted by many, but  if shoes were provided, it would help prevent diseases, such as Podoconiosis, as well as increase school attendance.

What can you do? 

  • From now until May 21st, take a picture of your bare feet and post to Instagram.
  • Make sure to #withoutshoes & #impactgivesback and tag your friends to challenge them to do the same.
  • Tom’s Shoes has committed donating 1 pair of shoes to a child in need (up to 1 million pairs) for every post.
  • Every person that walks through Impact on May 21st with no shoes will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes that include  a new pair of Tom’s.

With so many opportunities to give back, unfortunately we can’t participate in all of them.  However, with the initiatives that “Impact Gives Back” chooss to support, we hope that we inspire our young kiddos that despite their age and size, they too can make a difference!

 Thought of the Day

“You can’t live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”
John Wooden

Welcome To the Impact Family!

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“Gymnastics, especially in my family, is more than a sport. It’s our life, it’s our careers, it’s our family business.”

Nastia Liukin

Who better to quote than the All-Around Gold Medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, one of 2009’s Most Influential People, and of course one of the semi-finalist for Dancing with the Stars (yes, that one’s for Miss Jaime and Teacher Taylor)?

Joking aside, this quote couldn’t be closer to the truth for the Harden family! We had a passion for watching our two children, Alex & Taylor, participate in gymnastics for 16 years; 11 of those years were competitive.

Impact Sports Center came into our lives after our kids’ gym, Gymweavers Gymnastics, was going to go out of business. This was in January 2008 when the economy was in total meltdown. These were very difficult times for the little gym that we went to, but it had been part of our lives since Taylor was 4 years old. Jaime and I made a decision to take it over and see if we could make a go of it. Keep in mind, I could not do a cartwheel if my life depended on it. Nope! What were we thinking? LOL!

So, in April of 2008, Impact Sports Center became a real business and we have not looked back. We moved into our current location on my birthday, October 3rd, 2011 with only 270 kids. I guess I can technically claim that I was the very first birthday party at the gym.

I worked 7 days a week for over 2 years and Miss Jaime worked the Front Desk from 9AM in the morning to 8PM at night every day to build what we have today. Now, 27 employees later, we have the best staff on the planet and we teach over 800 kids gymnastics each and every week!

Evolving from a gym that we “saved” to a gym that is now a household name in the Lodi and surrounding areas, has been years in the making. Participating in the Lodi Street Faire earlier this month, brought back memories of how we built this gym one student sign-up and booking one birthday party at a time (I have worked over 2,400 birthday parties here at the gym, but who’s counting). We are continually striving to provide not only a top-notch facility, but more importantly, the family atmosphere that we have become known for.

Miss Jaime and I have been blessed to watch your “kiddos” grow over the years and have even welcomed a few to join our staff. In continuing with our goal, “to build self-esteem, strength and BIG dreams in a fun, safe and clean environment where our families always come first”– we now want to bring you the go-to site for all things that pertain to our gym, the Lodi area, our families interests and of course Gymnastics! And thus, our “Impact” blog is born!

Thank you to our families who continue to entrust their children’s well-being to us, the new families we hope to welcome in the future, and the Lodi Community for allowing us to be a part of your lives!

Mr. Shane


If you have a special memory or story you’d like to share about Impact or have any suggestions for future blog posts, please feel free to post below or email us at info@impactsportscenter.com.

Building self-esteem, strength and BIG dreams!